Raymond W. Suhm, Ph.D.

Petroleum Geologist and Geophysicist


Current Oil and Gas Prospects

Simpson Group Study



Ray Suhm provides oil and gas exploration and development prospects and services to companies, as well as individuals.  Mr. Suhm's geological and geophysical expertise in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas includes the:

  • Generation of oil and gas prospects;

  • Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data;

  • Evaluation of prospect submittals; and,

  • Study of the Ordovician Simpson Group.

Currently, Ray has over 300 Oklahoma prospects on file that have been put together using some 12,000 miles of 100% and CDP seismic data.  These prospects range from low risk development prospects to frontier plays and include shallow, intermediate, and deep targets for both oil and natural gas.

Whether your company needs someone to evaluate seismic, structural, and stratigraphic data; or initiate exploration and development studies; Ray Suhm has the required expertise.  In addition, Mr. Suhm has access to a large network of qualified geoscientists, bringing together the best and most experienced in the industry.

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