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Current Oil and Gas Prospects

An extensive geological and geophysical search for oil and gas in Oklahoma has resulted in Mr. Suhm developing numerous prospects with high reserve potential and moderately low risk.  These prospects are located in central Oklahoma (shallow oil), southern Oklahoma (shallow to deep oil and/or gas), and the Arkoma/Ouachita basin (shallow to deep gas).  Ray has defined more than 300 development and exploratory prospects in these three areas, of which nine are detailed here.

Hollis Prospect Katie Prospect St. Louis, Tecumseh, Morvin Prospects Checotah and West Eufaula Prospects Stigler Prospect Ouachita Thrust Prospect

You may click on any of the red dots above, or the links below to get information about Ray's current inventory of oil and gas prospects:

Southern Oklahoma Prospects

Hollis Prospect, Greer and Jackson Counties, Oklahoma

Katie Prospect, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Central Oklahoma Prospects

West St. Louis Prospect, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

North Tecumseh Prospect, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

West Morvin Prospect, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Arkoma Basin Prospects

Checotah Prospect, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

West Eufaula Prospect, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

Stigler Prospect, Haskell County, Oklahoma

Ouachita Basin Prospect

Ouachita Thrust Prospect, Atoka County, Oklahoma

Development prospects are those up dip from producing wells or wells with "shows" and are characterized as low risk because of their location on seismically defined structures and their proximity to producing wells.  Exploratory prospects are undrilled seismic structures that are geologically separated from nearby fields.  As used here, "BO" refers to barrels of oil, "BCFG" refers to billion cubic feet of gas, while "TCFG" refers to trillion cubic feet of gas.

These prospects are in various stages of completion, but all are based on sound geological and geophysical interpretation.

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