Raymond W. Suhm, Ph.D.

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Current Oil and Natural Gas Prospects

Simpson Group Study


Ouachita Basin (Shallow and Deep Natural Gas)

Mr. Suhm's studies of surface geology, well control, and an extensive grid of seismic data have resulted in the discovery of numerous structural anomalies in the Ouachita structural belt of southeastern Oklahoma.  The Atoka Thrust prospect will test two thrust systems.  A shallow anticlinal thrust at a depth of 5500' and a deep thrust from 5500' to 7500'.

The shallow Atoka Thrust prospect is one mile wide and at least four miles long with a structural closure of approximately 2000'.  The presence of fractured Bigfork chert and Novaculite reservoirs on this structure is established by correlation from nearby wells which have either produced gas or had shows.

The deeper thrust block from 5500' to 7500' consists of younger Pennsylvanian Spiro/Wapanucka reservoirs which tested large amounts of gas from fractured reservoirs. This thrust block is positioned directly below the crest of the shallow thrust.

Ouachita Thrust Prospect (exploration)

Location: Atoka County, Oklahoma
Total Depth: 7500'
Objectives: Bigfork Chert, Arkansas Novaculite, Stanley sands to 5500'
Wapanucka, Cromwell sands from 5500' to 7500'
Trap: Thrusted anticline
Reserves: 5 to 10 BCFG per well on 640-acre spacing

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