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Current Oil and Natural Gas Prospects

Simpson Group Study


Southern Oklahoma (Shallow Oil and Natural Gas)

The oil-rich area of southern Oklahoma includes three anticlinal systems; the Arbuckle Mountains, Criner Hills, and Muenster Arch.  Corresponding basinal systems include the Marietta, Ardmore, and Anadarko Basins.  Oil fields are abundant at basin-margins in traps produced by the Pennsylvanian Wichita and Arbuckle orogenies.

An extreme variety of traps characterize southern Oklahoma.  The traps can be structural, including normal and recumbent anticlines often associated with normal faults and thrust faults, or stratigraphic, being sand pinchouts and reservoir subcrops under basal Pennsylvanian and Permian unconformities.

Hollis Prospect (exploration)

Location: Greer and Jackson Counties, Oklahoma
Total Depth: 300' to 6000'
Objectives: Granite wash; Strawn, Canyon, and Cisco sands; Arbuckle dolomite
Trap: Anticline with stratigraphic potential
Reserves: 200,000 BO and 1 BCFG per well, potential for 50 wells on 320-acre spacing

Katie Prospect (development)

Location: Garvin County, Oklahoma
Total Depth: 4200'
Objectives: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuley sands; Layton sand
Trap: Truncated anticline (2D and 3D seismic control)
Reserves: 100,000 BO and .4 BCFG per well on 40-acre spacing

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